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31 May 2021 - 4 June 2021
Horizon Europe Matchmaking - Cluster 5 & 6

This event took place May 31 - June 4. Thank you to all participants and speakers! 

You can find the recordings and presentations from the event on ERRIN's website by following this link: https://errin.eu/tags/matchmaking-horizon-europe-calls

Horizon Europe Cluster 5 & 6 - Digital Matchmaking

ERRIN together with The Research Council of Norway, and the Norwegian EU networks FINN-EU, Horizon Sustainable Oslo Region and Horizon Mid-Norway welcomes you to Horizon Europe Matchmaking - Cluster 5 & 6! 

What is it? 

    This digital matchmaking event targets Cluster 5 & 6 in the Horizon Europe work programme by giving special attention to some of the destinations. Our goal is to help the participants build regional innovation ecosystems aiming to solve European challenges within the thematic scope of: 

    Inspiring plenary sessions, pitches and 1:1 meetings 

    Over the course of four days participants will be given an introduction to and review of selected destinations under clusters 5 and 6 by speakers from the EU Commission and National Contact Points (NCPs), as well as the opportunity to pitch and connect with other participants. See more details below. 

    Each day will include:

    1. Plenary sessions hosted by speakers from the Commission and NCPs. Each session will provide an introduction to and review of the specific destination(s) 
    2. Pitching*. After the sessions introductions the participants will be given an opportunity to present/pitch their project idea or skillset. 
    3. 1:1 Meetings. Each day we encourage participants to browse other profiles and schedule 1:1 meetings. Participants will be able to schedule meetings upon registration. 

    * Due to time limitations, not all participants will be able to pitch during these sessions. Please see more info on this here

    See also detailed programme for each day. 

    Who should register?

    Actors with an ambition to participate in cooperation projects related to the destinations covered by Horizon Europe Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility and/or Cluster 6: Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment, including: 

    • Municipalities and county municipalities, municipal and intermunicipal companies and enterprise
    • Government agencies and NGOs 
    • Research actors and businesses with a specific desire to welcome relevant partners from the public and voluntary sectors to their consortia

    Take this opportunity to connect with potential partners for your project and strengthen your consortia by signing up now! 

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